leadership. dedication. integrity

Demetrius Terry ,25, is a true fighter in the State of New Jersey. During his college career, Demetrius held various elected positions which enabled him to address various issues important to students such as student loan reform, affordable higher education, raising the minimum wage, and ensuring students have a seat at the table. Demetrius was not only able to address these issues but he was able to produce results which is now helping many students in the State of New Jersey. Demetrius strongly believes in Proven Leadership as he will get the job done. 

  • College Democrats of NJ Executive Vice President, 2016- 2017 (Two-Terms)
  • College Democrats of NJ Director of Membership, 2015- 2016 
  • Seton Hall University College Democrats President, 2014- 2015 
  • New Jersey Chair of College Democrats of America Black Caucus, 2014- 2015

Demetrius continues to fight hard everyday to ensure everyone in Jersey City and the State of New Jersey has a voice. 


Jersey City needs a comprehensive crime plan now!